Domain Expertise

Technology Repertoire


Vertical Intelligence and Insight across Industrial Sectors

Many industrial sectors are in transition and are challenged with macro uncertainty, emerging sustainability and environmental targets, adoption of new technology, and changing business models. mClob’s vertical research, data and insight, combined with events and media, supports the industrial ecosystem in understanding these challenges and providing actionable outputs. Whether it’s understanding a granular market size or growth projection, adoption and application of AI, or when 5G will really take-off in the industrial space, our team can support and guide customers through change to maximise opportunity.

Market Expertise
Trusted brands provide expert insight into the intersection of the automotive and technology markets, with unrivaled opportunities to shape your company’s position in auto-tech through events, marketing services and research.
Banking and Insurance
The pace of change is relentless in Banking & Insurance and 2020 will see the industry continue its digital transformation.
Building & Security Technology
Cloud services and AI applications. Transition from discrete application to connected systems and domains. Using data driven intelligence to create value.
Critical Communications
Technology vendors – helping to understand competitive position, market sizing, and technology/solution opportunity. Service providers – potential to expand into new markets, identifying key technology, and potential for 5G and impact on existing networks (LTE).
Healthcare Technology
Sustainable healthcare model and service provision, alongside medical advances, rising disease prevalence, and aging population. Will squeezed healthcare budgets and demand for innovative solutions ever meet in the middle.

Technology Repertoire

Our applications centers of expertise provide the required depth of knowledge to deliver software solutions through rapid development cycles and global standard application frameworks.