Smart POS


For the mobile minded, shopping has taken on a whole new meaning. Today, it can happen anywhere at any time.

mClob POS  is a solution that can extends retailer’s current point of sale system to mobile devices. It can help boost sales and increase revenue by accelerating checkout and eliminating line abandonment while improving the overall buying experience with personalized customer service. With the ability to go mobile the mClob POS, creates entirely new selling opportunities to the store – extending your selling radius.

  • Custom POS solution – built entirely on .NET platform
  • Initially created in 2013 – with continual product updates
  • Capable of running on multiple clients
Mobile POS:
  • SmartClient application running on mobile device
  • Loss Prevention Application:
  • Centrally monitor and interact with clients running POS in the store
  • Migration to Full .NET Solution:
  • Move from the current solution framework fully onto the .NET platform – without impacting existing projects
Remote Manager Approval:
  • Enhance client experience and time-in-line by offering POS users and approving managers multiple options
Device Sharing:
  • Allows clients to seamlessly claim and release control of peripherals anywhere in the store
Solution Architecture:
  • SmartClient Application
  • Windows Mobile 6.x
  • .NET Compact Framework
Store Server:
  • POS (Application Domain)
  • Mobile Client Service (Windows Service)
  • Windows OS
  • .NET Framework
Register Peripherals:
  • Tethered or wirelessly connects to critical register devices including – Scanner, MSR Reader, Receipt Printer, Signature Pad, Cash Drawer
Benefits of Mobile POS:
  • Decrease time-in-line
  • Reduce hardware footprint
  • Lower overall operations costs